Contract / Temporary Recruitment

Whether you are looking to lessen the load of your employees in the peak seasons or looking for more hands while introducing new services or new offices, temporary or contract recruitment option comes in handy.

In such critical situations, companies cannot afford to lose time over the undeserving or underachievers. The HR-Pro team is here to assist as we understand all your needs and get you the right help to overcome that situation.

The programs at temporary/contract recruitments are highly beneficial for the budding talents who are making their first step into workforce. Whether it is a small assignment for a day or a project taking several months, temporary/contract positions deserve to be filled in with good candidates too. Only the candidates with credible work-history, matching profile and guaranteed availability during project’s duration are brought to your desk.

We analyze the complete requirements and use different methodologies to accomplish the tasks within the specified time. And that has made us the number one agency to contact for temporary & contract recruitment.