Work Pass Application

Every foreign candidate has to have pre-defined work visas/passes that have been introduced by the Ministry of Manpower. Failing which, the candidates are not eligible to work in Singapore.

If you wish to recruit a foreign talent, then you need to look into a long list of passes and apply for them. Unless you are an expert in this field, this process can surely take time and it may be months before you get your hands on the appropriate pass. But just like everything else, HR-Pro has a workforce that specializes in this too and can efficiently handle all these processes for your employee whilst guiding you through the entire program.

The following passes are available for the foreign individuals enrolling in Singapore-based firms:

  • Employment Pass for foreign professionals, managers and executives
  • S Pass for semi-skilled junior to mid-level workers
  • Work Permit for semi-skilled workers from approved source
  • Dependent Pass for family