Job Responsibilities:

  • Processing of:-
  1. Inward Remittances
  2. Outward Telegraphic Transfers (Overseas/Local)
  3. MEPS
  4. Inward and Outward Clearing Cheques
  5. eGIROs (payroll, standing order, Optim Egiro)
  6. Drafts, Cashier’s Orders, Foreign Currency
  7. Fixed Deposits
  • Ensuring all transactions are processed before the cut-off time
  • Accuracy and neatness in the processing of transactions
  • Anticipate and understand the needs of customers and provide them with good customer service
  • Back up colleagues in their absence
  • Other duties may include:
  1. Preparation of Letters
  2. Entries processing
  3. Liaising with Hong Kong counterparts
  4. Preparation of dormant accounts for transaction reporting
  5. Printing of daily advices and statement
  6. Checking compliance list
  7. Uploading of documents
  8. Other duties may be assigned