Description of job:

  • According to the online banking details, make daily reconciliations with the system deposit and withdrawal funds
  • Responsible for tracking and processing the status of system deposit and withdrawal transactions
  • Daily docking customer service to deal with customer funding issues
  • Responsible for the adjustment and processing of customers' wrong currency deposits
  • Cooperate with the distribution and processing of market and other activities
  • Statistics and collation of daily system operation data
  • Docking work of connecting new channel and all related work before successful launching
  • Other system-related funding issues

Job Requirements:

  • 3-5 years of settlement & clearing experience
  • Fluent in English listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Bachelor degree or above, accounting, finance, economics and other related majors
  • Working experience in trading market, third-party payment, clearing and settlement positions in commercial banks is preferred
  • Have a keen sense of risk and a good ability to identify risks
  • Have good logic analysis ability and communication and expression skills
  • Work commitment, energetic, innovative spirit, strong pressure resistance, strong sense of responsibility and teamwork awareness
  • Familiar with Internet finance and traditional financial services
  • Experience in leading teams, and independently docking and completing projects

Salary: $4,000 Per Month