Summary of the Position:

  • Supervise the handling of Export Trade Finance transactions, Guarantee, Corporate Deposits and Bilateral/Syndicated Loans and Agency role (Business Support group)
  • Maintain efficient and quality customer service
  • Team Management – optimize use of limited resources
  • Supervise the day to day operations of the different sections in Operations Processing (Client Payments & Receipts and Client Set up Services)

Main Responsibilities:

Business Support Group - Provide secure, quality & efficient support for ETF which Includes:-

1) Manage daily operations Including operational risks

  • Ensure that transactions are processed and controlled:
  1. within acceptable technical risks and in compliance with bank's rules and operation procedures
  2. in conformity with conditions of BLA/TFI or delegated authority and clients ' instructions
  3. timely processing of transactions by ETF platform
  4. timely and accurately of all events in the life of the transactions, including resolution of suspense items
  5. ensure discrepancies noted in the checking of documents noted by ETF platform with respect to ICC rules are legitimate
  6. timely processing of deposits and loans with respect to fixing rate and payment
  7. responsible for the swift resolution of any pending items (events, payments, accounting entries, reporting) with ETF platform

2) Maintain efficient and quality customer service

  • Maintain some day turn-around processing
  • Provide appropriate technical advice to customers and Relationship Managers

3) Operations Processing

  • Co-manage the Client Set up Services section (CSS)
  • Co-manage the Client Payments & Receipts section (CPR)
  • Co -lead the testing and implementation of new back office systems/upgrade
  • Co-manage the security functions for CTS, eGIRO and MEPS+
  • Authorize swift payments
  • Countersign all letters to customers relating to operating mandates
  • Review day-end control reports for APIS, Satis, Calypso and Combo


  • Bachelor Degree or equivalent
  • 7-10 years of related Trade Finance / Bilateral & Syndicated Loans work experience in Banking
  • Good communication and supervisory skills
  • People Management skills, technical knowledge, accounting and credit
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office

Salary: $8,500 Per Month