- In direct active liaison with GCF customers in running of the daily transactions, monitoring client’s overall position, and rendering assistance to RMs in their functions.

Job Responsibilities:

Preparation of daily transactions

  • Review of the sale / purchase contracts / LC &SBL/C formats, import and export bills;
  • Checking client’s financing requests versus approvals with identification and information on variances and advise on mitigating factors in containing the transaction risks/deviations;
  • Preparation of the ticket for approval (TAP) to be submitted to RM;
  • Preparation of LGDs;
  • Checking that the TUC and the TAP tallies;
  • Posting TAPs and LGDs under the Exba database.

Collateral Risk Management, monitoring on client’s position

  • Update position and follow through the life of the transaction (loading dates, receipt of export instruments checking export LCs) with identification and information on variances;
  • Perform collateral risk management ensuring that all times there are no collateral shortfall.

Writing-up of call memos and assisting in the setting-up of credit requests with description of the client background, activity, strategy, size, performance, hedging policy, and proposed credit facilities.

Handling of specific documentation / reports

  • Account Opening documentation and update on the existing documentation;
  • Establishing and/or reviewing KYCs and Eurecca reports;
  • Establishing Letters of Offer;
  • In association with Legal department and NERI: notification of receivables, risk cover contracts, facility letter, business relationship confirmation, tripartite agreements between the Bank, Brokers, and Warehouse-Keepers…
  • Prepare periodic reports for management purposes (NBI / CWA / RWA reports)

Job Requirements:

  • 3-5 years' relevant experience in Global Commodities Finance withing the banking industry.