The purpose of the position is to:


1) Assist team leader/team and back up in:

  • Processing guarantee transactions including reviewing technical terms and conditions of guarantee with advice from Head of Dept & liaising with relationship manager & Clients Responsible.
  • Processing import collection.


2) Handle Receivables for financing

  • Issuance of import letter of credit


Main responsibilities:

  • Receivables for financing and import letter of credit


Main duties details:

Trade Finance

Ensure that transactions are processed:

  • within acceptable technical risks and in compliance with bank’s rules and operation procedures;
  • in conformity with conditions of FA/TF1 or delegated authority;
  • timely processing of transactions by Eboni Platform;
  • timely monitoring of all events in the life of the transactions, including resolution of suspense items;
  • Responsible for the swift resolution of any pending items (events, payments, accounting entries, reporting) with Platform.


Secondary duties:

Cover duties:

  • Back up in handling of guarantees and import letter of credit

Salary: $3,000 Per Month