The key responsible is to provide extensive support to all the Corporate Bank Accountable Client Owners (ACO), KYC Outreach teams, Offboarding teams etc on tasks that are related to Know Your Client (KYC) and Periodic Review (PR) process.

The key objective of the team is to facilitate efficient support by working closely with all divisions in actively ensuring the status of accounts (retained/offboarded) are reflected accurately in a timely manner.

The team act as one of the “first line of defence” team in protecting the bank from potential opportunity revenue loss or to prevent the bank from being exposed to regulatory risk for not capturing the client offboarded status timely in the client KYC remediation process.

Key Responsibilities:

  • ACO Management (nomination, attestation, leavers/joiners)
  • Client Perimeter Management (non-client support, Red to Green reinstatement, client perimeter status checks)
  • KYC Tooling Support (system roll out to ACOs and support)
  • Client Clearing & Offboarding (Green to Red Clearing, offboarding BAU checks)
  • Periodic Review Pipeline & Prioritisation Management (batching)
  • Periodic Review Static Management (changes of PR cases lead business line, senior client outreach etc.)
  • General Query Management (e.g. Static Data Query Support).

Experience /Skills Required:

  • Solid experience in the Banking/Finance industry in a client on boarding/KYC environment with some understanding on Corporate Bank experience.
  • Excellent team work spirit and possess positive working attitude
  • Able to cope well under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Eye for detail and willingness to question current state practices
  • Ability to apply regulatory guidance to review process in absence of written policy
  • Dynamic thinking and highly adaptable to constantly changing environment
  • Ability to work with information/files receiving from multiple directions and able to observe trending in the midst of the massive data pool.