Job Responsibilities:

  • Maintain master record of financial movement;
  • Notify the participants details of drawdown/rollover/partial or final repayment/prepayments;
  • Receive drawdown proceeds from the participants/ seek approval from Loan Agency for any non-receipt of MT202 and disburse the loan proceeds to the borrower.
  • Arrange for interest rate fixing and notify the borrowers and participants;
  • Prepare, send prior notice and follow up with the borrower on loan rollover;
  • Receive repayment amount from borrower and disburse interest/repayment proceeds to the participants on interest payment/repayment /prepayment dates;
  • Prepare payment advice and notify the borrower, details of fees to be collected (eg Work fee/ Front-end fee/Commitment fee/Agency fee etc)
  • Receive fees from the borrowers and disburse to the participants in accordance with the allocation provided;
  • Check &/or maintain limits in banking systems;
  • Handling of audit confirmation reports for the borrower and the participants;
  • Any other tasks that may be assigned by Team Head from time to time.

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor Degree, but Minimum “A” levels or diploma holder with direct experience may be considered.
  • Those with at least 3 years of agency loan experience preferred. Those with credit documentation experience who are keen to explore loan agency can also be considered.
  • Have knowledge of various corporate banking products and its products features.

Salary: $7,000 Per Month