• Manage calendars and coordinate meetings for Management, Department Heads, Team Members and vendors.
  • Attend to any ad hoc enquiries / request for information.
  • Booking of meeting rooms (including setup) for meetings, department sharing sessions, Townhalls and trainings.
  • Perform general administration and operation tasks
  • Ensure all monthly invoices are transmitted on time for payment. (e.g. seeks approval from Management and submissions to General Admin Group)
  • Submissions of pre and post E&G applications (via eworkflow system)
  • Submissions of eMemos & internal reports. (via eworkflow system)
  • Assist to maintain smooth operations (eg. copiers & papers, stationery stock levels, lightings & pedestal issues, cleanliness and tidiness of office.)
  • Business travel coordination. (e.g. booking of flights, hotels and business visa applications.)
  • Submissions of General Claims for Management and Department Heads. (via eworkflow system)
  • Submissions of Travel Expenses Claims for Management and Department Heads. (via eworkflow system)
  • Co-ordinate, process and to attend new joiner/s on-boarding matters (e.g. eworkflow & servicenow application for user IDs creations, PC setup, update Global SMS & Call tree, access card etc.)
  • Any other ad hoc submission of eworkflow & servicenow application request by Team Members. (e.g. ID Requisition Form, Share folders etc.)
  • Check of incoming mails & courier services to distribute accordingly. To arrange of outgoing courier services.
  • Monthly Loss Data Report, Monthly Document Control Sheet, Monthly Customer Feedback and Monthly Compliance Check List (including submissions via eworkflow and replying email to relevant Departments)
  • Submission of estimated financial P&L (half yearly and year end)
Skills required:
  • More than 4 years relevant administrative & secretarial experience
  • Experience in banking and financial industry is a plus
  • Knowledge in MS Word/Excel/Access/PowerPoint

Salary Range: $4500 - $5500