Overview of Business Area: 

A licensed Trust Company within a Private Bank is currently hiring a contractor role for Trust Manager (TM). TM will be completing the tasks involved to bring trusts and their underlying companies to state of closure.  


  1. Complete the termination process for trust structures
  2. Notify client on termination, and obtain signed deeds and documents
  • Working with Banking and Trust stakeholders to complete termination process
  • Compliance
  • Solution Structuring
  • Legal
  • Trust Accounting and Finance
  • Bank Relationship Manager
  1. Transfer or liquidate Trust and Company
  2. Post-completion archiving
  3. Tracking of termination progress


  • 1-2 years in Trust administration / corporate secretarial / account opening/closing / client documentation (KYC)
  • Able to handle and progress termination status of each trust independently