• The Business Management Manager is responsible for leading the Business Management function for a discreet sub-unit, be that a product, a desk, infrastructure or control area of activity or a geographical region.
  • The Business Management Manager is responsible for both delivering and improving the functions performed by that Business Management community.
  • The scope of Business Management Manager’s activities will typically be diverse and may include strategic business planning, financial control and reporting tasks, control function liaison, headcount management and compensation matters, IT and Ops service management and enhancement, aspects of Facilities Management to both accommodate current business need as well as to ensure future ability to conduct planned business activity, co-ordination of business case approval and project sponsorship.
  • The Business Management Manager must be able to consolidate the results of this broad range of activities, whilst managing the ongoing line relationships in order to collate and validate required output and synthesize the relevant business insights for senior management.
  • The Business Management Manager will have line responsibility for a Business Management team, which will be dependent upon on the size of the sub-unit.
  • The Business Management Manager will hold relationships with a broad range of internal points of contact from across the sub-unit for which they are responsible, the parent business division, other Bank business divisions and control functions.
  • They will also hold relationships with and external points of contact (e.g. regulators, auditors, etc.) and industry bodies.


  • 5 to 8 years of financial experience
  • Essential in understanding of FIC (FX & Rates) Sales activities as supporting RMS and ability to deal with multiple senior stakeholders
  • Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Finance or related field required.
    Executing and driving across a variety of tasks and deliverables including process improvements, planning support, presentations, etc
  • Strong analytical skills including understanding of sales commissions / revenue credits and ability to running initiatives independently in a sales / trading environment
  • Expert knowledge of building and supporting business cases, creating presentations through Excel and PowerPoint
  • Ability to support senior members of the organization and collaborate effectively with peers and across disciplines
  • Strong leadership and communication skills, able to engage large teams of people and enable them to develop/ change their approach
  • Excellent interpersonal and listening skills

Salary: $10,000 Per Month