Department/Job Overview:

This is a Product Control ENO/ AVP role in Singapore covering for APAC Investment Banking Capital Markets (IBCM) business area. The main responsibility of this role is to validate fee P&L of the IBCM deals, including M&A transactions, IPO and follow-ons and Debt issuance, to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of books and records and provide commentary on P&L and balance sheet movements for reporting.


Key Responsibilities:

The role will also be involved in the following responsibilities below:

  • Revenue recognition of the deals adhere to accounting standards
  • Understanding any off-balance sheet commitment such as hard or sub-underwriting
  • Ensuring the underwriting reserves are reported correctly
  • Taking into account of any FX implications
  • Revenue split considerations on IPO, rights or any inter-regional transfer
  • Generating entity and country reporting
  • Knowledge of various markets conventions and tax legislations
  • Support and facilitate fee structure, economics and settlement (billing and delivery)
  • Support book closure and business re-organization



  • Degree in Finance or Accountancy preferred
  • Exposure to basic vanilla financial products
  • Strong Excel skills
  • Strong process skills, including understanding of deal capture, settlement, accounting and reporting processes

Salary: $10,500 Per Month