Summary of Role:

  • Supervise and checking all daily back-office operations, handling of Receivables and Supply Chain Financing and Bilateral/Syndicated loans and Agency role
  • Maintain efficient and quality customer service
  • Team Management – optimize use of limited resources

Job Responsibilities:

Syndication Loans

The candidate will work closely with the respective stakeholders to support the origination and structuring of syndicated loans.

Duties include:

  • Provide support to the stakeholders in the region with regards to their financing requirements.
  • Analysis of borrowers’ needs and risk controls.
  • Coordination of terms with Bank Arrangers.
  • Lead documentation and due diligence process.

Supply Chain Finance

The candidate is responsible for supervising and checking all daily back-office operations and expected to:

  • ensure prompt review and monitoring of workflows of the Unit on daily operations and controls, and ensure timely release of transactions
  • ensure accurate processing of transactions and release of payment
  • ensure the instructions from front/middle offices and Standard Operating procedures are properly executed in accordance along with Standard Service Level Agreement.
  • enforcement of all operational procedures and controls.

Workflow Management:

  • Monitor the daily operations of the Supply Chain Finance Section and workflow supervision. 
  • Assign work to affected staff members, setting priorities, time limits and critical task objective.
  • Reconcile and account for all incoming items/work and ‘processed output’ in accordance with established procedures and controls.
  • Review and oversee and escalate pending transactions, documents, discrepancies, overdue and/or delinquent transactions, section’s output reports, records and files.
  • Ensure all standard operational and compliance procedures are updated and enforced. 
  • Provide timely support to new business initiatives of all SCF transactions.
  • Verification: Review transaction processing and pending Queues in various systems and ensuring that all transactions are processed and releases as requested. 
  • Any pending or unreleased transactions should be reviewed and escalated as appropriate.

Quality Control and Customer Service:

  • Provide technical support and guidance to staff members, relating to review SCF transaction terms and conditions and offer opinions and comments consistent with the internal/operating/Compliance procedures.
  • Respond to inquiries received from customers, front/middle offices, internal auditors and correspondent banks, providing accurate and timely information in resolution of such queries. 
  • Identify discrepancies and/or inefficiencies in customer support efforts and ensure that they are corrected, documented and implemented


  • Enforce bank’s compliance policies and procedures. 
  • Ensure implementation of all compliance regulations.
  • Ensure the Staff receives proper training. in all regulatory and bank compliance issues. 
  • Enforce applicable internal and H.O operational procedures.
  • Special projects: Handle Special investigations, reports and assignments to support department Management’s goal.


  • Minimum 5 years of experience in a banking environment with ability to supervise and guide staff, customers and relationship managers on technical and operational matters.
  • Experience in trade finance operations within the banking industry 
  • Ability to support and provide team work with focus on quality and prompt customer service. Strong inter-personal skills, verbal and written communication skills and ability to work in an automated system environment are required.
  • Knowledge and experience of Supply Chain or Receivable Financing
  • Certificate or courses or any specialized training/exposure in International Trade, Trade and Commodity and Supply Chain Financing is a plus

Salary Range: $5,000 - $7,000 Per Month