Summary of Role:

Perform all daily back office operations relating to the handling of Receivables and Supply Chain Financing

Main Job Duties:

The candidate is responsible in checking all daily back office operations and expected to:

  • Input new client data into DEMICA/KYRIBA
  • Update non live rates in DEMICA
  • Monitor the due dates of transactions
  • Post request for financing 
  • Monitor the status of transactions 
  • Ensure deals uploaded in DEMICA/KYRIBA and RSF engine are promptly accepted
  • Review contracts and advices
  • Perform Quarterly controls based on sampling checks obtained from customers
  • Work closely with all stakeholders and ensure all transactions processed within turnaround time


  • Minimum 5 years of experience in banking environment in back office supply chain or receivable financing. 
  • Knowledge and experience of International trade is a plus
  • Certificate or courses or any specialized training/exposure in international trade and supply Chain
  • Ability to support and provide team work whenever in required

Salary Range: $4,500 - $5,000 Per Month