Job Responsibilities


  • Overall in charge of documentation for Account Opening for customer and bank
  • Cheque Truncation System (CTS)
  • Relationship Management Application (RMA)
  • Signature Verification for Clients and BanK


Main responsibilities:

  • Ensure all documentation are in order, properly scanned and filed
  • Ensure all manual entries are properly processed and checked at the end of each day
  • Ensure stock on cheque books and drafts are in order
  • Supervise staff and ensure accurate processing and minimize errors
  • Participate in CTS Industry Test
  • Set up and update Relationship Management Application (RMA)


Main duties details:

  • Checking of documentation for customers
  • Ensure the Banking mandates are properly updated
  • Ensure inward and outward cheques are properly processed
  • Funding of USD for Citi SGP
  • Downloading of inward cheques
  • Validating signatures downloaded to system


Secondary duties:

  • Transmitting of Outward clearing cheques and downloading of cheques returned
  • Countersign cashier's orders and drafts issued


Job Requirements:

  • Min 5 years relevant experience in the banking industry
  • 3 years' of supervisory experience
  • Familiar with Account Opening documentation, cheque and banking operations